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Asphalt Maintenance and Care

An asphalt driveway is one of the most selected options for driveway and parking lot surfaces. This is due to the fact that it highlights affordable costs, longer life span and other benefits. Asphalt also has an efficient type of water drainage. It assures safety for pedestrians and vehicles, and requires less maintenance thanother options. However, you still want to keep up on your asphalt maintenance and care to prolong the life of your driveway or parking lot.

Since asphalt has many benefits for your driveway or parking lot, it is important to understand a little bit about what goes into the maintenance of them. You want to protect your investment and get the longest life out of your asphalt. Superior Sealers, LLC will help with the asphalt maintenance of your driveway and parking lot. But there is also a few things you can do as well!

Asphalt Maintenance and Care Tips

Asphalt Maintenance and Care

Improving the look and enhancing the life of your asphalt driveway or parking lot is important. This can only be achieved with the use of only the highest quality seal coat, which Superior Sealers, LLC uses. This seal coat can lock all of the existing oils from other materials that make your surface even more flexible. Its flexibility reduces and prevents cracking and early deterioration. Overall, it also saves you a huge amount of money.

Actually, seal coating is one of the primary elements to consider that improves the appearance of your driveway. It can also be free from deterioration. Here is the list of the best asphalt maintenance and care tips to follow in order to prolong the life of the asphalt driveway.

  1. Prevent Gasoline and Oil Spills: Just as asphalt is in oil-based form, gasoline and oil can dissolve the driveway or parking lot right away. This may also cause immediate deterioration on this area.
  2. Filling Cracks Regularly: The movement of the base or subsoil on your asphalt driveway or parking lot only causes the existence of cracks. Thus, you need to fill in the cracks and seal coat the asphalt driveway. This way, the asphalt driveway can be at its good and functional condition for a long period of time.
  3. Protect the Driveway Edges: You also need to protect the edges of your driveway. However, never overdrive these edges. If possible, try to place high quality topsoil on some of the driveway sides.
  4. Stop Weeds and Grass from Growing into the Crack Surface: You also need to prevent weeds and grass from growing in the crack surface. This is due to the fact that they can only leave the asphalt driveway damaged as they grow bigger.

These are just some of the best and simple asphalt maintenance and care tips for you to follow. This is also when you want to maintain the asphalt driveway regularly. Following these tips gives you the assurance that your driveway can be free from cracks.

The Blacktop and Asphalt Patching Process

Asphalt PatchingThe asphalt patching process begins with a layer of gravel or stone put down first, or whichever chosen stone used for the asphalt. After it has been dispensed there will be gravel extended a few inches from where the asphalt was poured in. After the asphalt has been poured out completely, Superior Sealers, LLC will use our machinery to straighten and level the surface. This will help prevent bumps in the asphalt. When this is done the asphalt surface will need to cool down. The required time to finish the surface of the driveway or parking lot depends on its size.

The Best Time to Complete Blacktop and Asphalt Patching


The best time to carry out the process of blacktop and asphalt patching is when the weather is hot. The purpose is to ensure that when the process is completed, the driveway surface can be cooled down easily.

Driveway or Parking Lot Conditions

When you notice cracks or any other damages in your driveway or parking lot, please contact Superior Sealers, LLC to schedule a time to undergo immediate maintenance. Try to avoid holding off on maintenance as much as possible. Fixing your driveway or parking lot right away will help prevent further damage and can save you from more costly repairs in the future.

Benefits of Blacktop and Asphalt Patching Routine Maintenance

Once you have completed the blacktop and asphalt patching process on your driveway or parking lot, keep up on the routine maintenance of it. Maintaining the asphalt is one way to avoid immediate damages from occurring. Keep in touch with Superior Sealers, LLC for recommendations or questions regarding your asphalt driveway or parking lot maintenance.

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Blacktop and Asphalt Crack Sealing

Crack Sealing Superior Sealers llcIf you have seen cracks in your asphalt driveways, this must be repaired immediately to avoid rainwater from causing further damage and seeping through the material. The process to fix this is referred to as crack sealing. To repair asphalt driveway and seal cracks, you must remove and kill and weeds, use screwdriver to groove-out the crack, sweep or blow-out any loose debris, fill the cracks with one or more as asphalt crack filler coats, utilize patch materials to fill larger holes and apply “asphalt sealer” to the entire driveway to get rid of the cracks and protect the entire area.

Filling blacktop and asphalt crack isn’t an easy task, but this will surely save you cash and keep your parking area or driveway surface slightly for several years. It’s essential to fix the cracks in timely manner for you to protect appearance and durability of your driveway. Cracks are usually caused by water which has seeped below, contacted or expanded with thawing and freezing temperatures. After filling and patching any dips or cracks in your driveway it is best to seal it to avoid further serious water seepage.

To fill small cracks, you must utilize rubberized asphalt emulsion crack filler; you must avoid getting the filler on “unaffected areas” as this can stain your driveway, causing unsightly marks. Furthermore, you must apply the fillers using “caulking gun”. Utilize patty knife, or trowel to smooth-out crack surface. Let your filler dry base on instructions on packaging before driving over affected area.

When Should You Have Crack Sealing Done?

Crack Sealing Superior Sealers llcNumerous associations suggest that you must sealcoat your new parking area or driveway at least one year after it’s has been installed. Make sure to utilize top quality commercial bituminous water emulsion sealer. In case you driveway is on the hill consider utilizing a sealer that contains sand. Don’t seal your driveway every year, bear in mind that sealers are just coating (like paint), you can apply too much causing it to easily peel and crack. The only time you need to reseal your driveway is after you clearly see that your old sealer is already wearing. Once the color of rocks (aggregate) start to show, it’s time to reseal your driveway; it easily wear off in areas where there’s a lot of car and foot traffic. You must apply a little thinner to non traffic areas, or else you will start getting sealer buildup that will start to peel and crack.

Benefits of Blacktop and Asphalt Sealing Maintenance

Most crack sealcoating prevent your driveway color from fading-away. Sealants make cleaning leak fluids or oil from your car a lot easier because liquid cannot seep into tiny pores of your driveway. Every 2 or 3 years is enough to keep driveway in good shape. This helps protect underlying pavement from sunlight, petroleum products, air and salts. Sealcoating also prevent “water” from turning “hairline cracks” into larger ones. The aggregate contained in the mixes boost traction and act as wear layer and fill small cracks giving your driveway a uniform and appealing black color.

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The Process of Blacktop and Asphalt Hot Pour Crackfiller

Hot Pour CrackfillerThe hot pour crackfiller in your parking lot or even in your asphalt driveway is proven to be useful in extending the life of the surface. In connection with this, one of the commonly used products in carrying out the process of blacktop and asphalt crackfiller is known as the rubberized type of asphalt crackfiller. This is available in its hot melted form. And thus, it is referred to as hot pour crackfiller.

The simple cracks in the surface should be repaired as soon as possible. Simple cracks can occur because of the movement of the ground and are due to the aging process of the asphalt. Usually, these cracks are often in straight or in zigzag form across the driveway or a parking lot surface. In this type of crack, Superior Sealers, LLC will fill the asphalt hot pour crackfiller to repair the cracks immediately.

When You Should Have Hot Pour Crackfiller Done?

The process of blacktop and asphalt crackfiller is usually carried out by homeowners and other professionals when they have noticed all those cracks at their driveway or even at their parking lot surfaces. The cracks on the surface may result to unexpected accidents. Thus, an immediate process of blacktop and asphalt crackfiller is an ideal thing to do. This way, accidents can simply be prevented and the life of your asphalt can be extended.

Benefits of Routine Maintenance for Hot Pour Crackfiller

Hot Pour CrackfillerThere are two important reasons of performing the routine maintenance for the blacktop and asphalt crackfiller. One of these reasons is to further prevent moisture from penetrating underneath the asphalt surface of your parking lot or driveway. Moisture penetration may lead to further damage of your asphalt. This gives you an idea on why is there a need for you to use a sealcoat in the surface. This is as part of the preventative maintenance and the additional protection from harsh elements.

The second reason is that the filling cracks on your asphalt surface will help prevent vegetation growth. As roots of the vegetation get bigger, the roots of the plants push the pavement up. These will also help prevent pavement breakages and other issues.

This is the reason why when you’ve observed some of the cracks on your driveway or at your parking lot surface, you need to allow the area to undergo the process of blacktop and asphalt crackfiller. This is the best way to maintain the functionality of the place. This also helps extend its life for years!

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Line striping is an easy and fast way to make your parking lot look great and impressive, while directing your customers, employees, and vendors where to go while on your property.

The Process of Blacktop and Asphalt Line Striping

Line Striping Superior Sealers LLCThere are two essential ways on how to do blacktop and asphalt line stripping that include of the following:

  1. You can make use of a four-inch type of paint roller and paint by the hand in the chalk line. And, you may also purchase for high quality traffic paint for that long lasting result.
  2. For those people who intend to follow a less back and breaking technique with even better results, you can simply make use of blacktop and asphalt line stripping equipment. This usually comes in different sizes that depend on the quantity of line stripping.

You also need to prepare for a measuring tape, a chalk line, a high quality type of traffic paint, a tool box, a caution tape and a pylon tape. It will only depend on the line stripping you will have to make. This will simply give you the best idea on the type of line stripping equipment to use. It is also significant to have the right type of stencils. The purpose is to leave that special area with a more professional finish.

The Best Time to do Blacktop and Asphalt Line Striping

The blacktop and asphalt line stripping process can be carried out when you have noticed that your parking lot area is no longer safe for your car. Is it still a safe type of parking lot? If no, then follow the process. You may also notice that the line stripping in your parking lot faded because of the heat of the sun and exposure to harsh elements.

If there are certain issues related to the traffic, climate and safety of your property, it would be best to follow this process.

Benefits of Routine Maintenance of Blacktop and Asphalt Line Striping

Line Striping Superior Sealers LLCFor those people who have their parking lot at home, it makes sense to invest in this blacktop and asphalt line stripping. This can simply help them a lot for the optimum safety and protection of their parking lots. This is most especially if their cars will be parked in the area.

This is the reason why the routine maintenance on your line stripping is somehow essential. All you have to do is to repair the line stripes on an occasional basis. Consider the traffic and the climate of the place. Doing so assures you that you can you still maintain the functionality and effectiveness of the line stripes in the area.

If you cannot carry out the blacktop and asphalt line stripping maintenance process, you may further ask for the assistance and support from the professionals. They are mainly equipped with the right skills and knowledge on how to carry out the process the safe and effective way. With blacktop and asphalt line stripping, your property will always safe and will be at its good condition at all times. So, try to get in touch with this type of service today!

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The Sealcoating and Repair Process

Seal CoatingSealcoting serves as a barrier coat between destructive elements and asphalt surfaces. The term sealcoating means “keeping the redeeming asphalt properties sealed-in” to preserve functional properties and prolong pavement life.

Sealcoats are greatly affected by various weather conditions particularly during construction. Sunny warm day with “low” humidity is the ideal condition, while cool weather causes sealcoat to be tender and delay curing time making vulnerable to damage by “traffic”. In addition, rain also causes major problems when sealcoating, once the “asphalt binder” has not cured it become diluter, and rises above the cover aggregate. Once the water evaporates, asphalt might cover the entire surface causing car tires to pick-up aggregates, or “track binder” across the surface. Never sealcoat if shower is threatening, apart from that, asphalt must be in good condition too.

There are numerous types of asphalt paving materials mixes. The size of aggregate and quality and type of the asphalt cement account for differences. If the aggregate is smaller, finish product becomes weaker. Majority of individuals want smooth-finished surface, this mixture require smaller aggregate. This requires 2 layers of paving material: the 1st layer is slightly thicker, and contains slightly larger rocks; while finish layer is thinner and contain coarse sand and smaller stones. Ensure that “tack coat of asphalt” is utilized between layers, this will act as “glue” to bond layers tightly together. “Tack coat” is no longer needed of 2nd layers is shortly applied after the 1st layer.

When is the best time to Sealcoat and Repair?

  1. If your driveway has areas where pavement is severely broken or rutted, where pavement look similar to a hide of alligator referred to as alligator cracks or alligatoring, this is the best time to consider having it repair or replaced.
  2. When crack fill-over a patch of alligatoring and turn the entire area into continuous sheet of “crack filling rubber”, you need to repair or replace your asphalt. If you fail to address this issue, your vehicle tire might adhere to this “large cracks” and literally pull your pavement out-of-the-driveway.
  3. In addition, driveway which have been over sealed or sealed over the past years can also cause alligatoring effect. You must look closely at the pavement, over sealing alligatoring looks like a crack glazing on pottery, and does not actually crack down into pavement where object such as butter knife can be inserted. Sealing can no longer cure this condition.

Benefits of Routine Maintenance for Blacktop and Asphalt Sealcoating

Seal CoatingWell maintained sealcoat can protect the pavement from the weakening effect of water and sun. Once asphalt pavement becomes highly exposed to the wind, water, and sun it will crack due to inability to flex and bend when exposed to temperature changes and traffic. Well-maintained sealcoat combat this situation just by providing “waterproof membrane” which does not only slow-down oxidation process, but also aid pavement to “shed” water and avoid it from getting into the base materials. Furthermore, sealcoating provide increase surface friction.

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The Importance of Snow Removal for Businesses and Homeowners Alike

Snow Removal at Superior Sealers, LLCFew people would argue that a blanket of fresh, white snow is not a lovely sight to behold, but when it comes to driving in it, not so appealing. Snow-covered roads, parking lots, sidewalks and driveways can be very hazardous to navigate for homeowners, commuters, and shoppers alike. Snow Removal is a priority, as slipping on ice or snow-covered surfaces is a real danger, causing broken bones, hips, or back injuries. In many states, including Wisconsin, homeowners, property owners, and commercial business owners are held responsible for ensuring that parking lots, driveways, and walkways are cleared of snow or ice.

When snowfall or freezing rain will occur is often unpredictable, which is why a homeowner or business owner should take the opposite approach, and plan ahead for how they are going to handle snow and ice removal. The options are do remove it yourself or hire someone else to remove it. Removing snow and ice is time-consuming and can result in injury, or worse, making the option of hiring a professional more tempting.

Legal requirements aside, it is necessary to provide clear parking lots and entrances for your businesses employees and customers. If employees and customers cannot get into your business it impacts the bottom-line, not to mention having snow and ice removed greatly reduces the risk of a slip and fall, which reduces the risk of legal ramifications. A win-win for everyone.

Snow Removal at Superior Sealers, LLCIn areas that usually experience significant amounts of snowfall, having a plan in place for Parking Lot Snow Removal is highly recommended, as good snow removal companies are in high demand. Experts state that as little as two inches of snow cover make for dangerous driving conditions and in states like Wisconsin, blizzards with large amounts of snow fall are common occurrences, making professional snow removal essential.

Companies providing Snow Removal In Eau Claire, typically offer snow removal services based on “per-push”, hourly, or as a seasonal package. Per-push is just like it sounds. A charge is incurred for each visit to your property. Hourly means you are charged a given rate for each hour spent at your location. That rate may differ depending on the whether a snow shovel is used versus and snowplow. Seasonal contracts are the preferred method as an upfront rate is established and the company removes the snow within a certain time frame. The rate is the same regardless of how many times snow is removed.

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